I’m Convinced-Time to End Health Care Reform

After the last couple of weeks of reasoned and informed debate on health care reform I am ready to state unequivocally my opposition to the four health care proposals. Sure, I was initially for them, but after hearing the reasons on both sides, I have to agree that I am against government run health care. As the protesters have pointed out, this is just socialism, and there is no place for that in our society. But, for the sake of consistency, we cannot simply reject Obamacare, we must reject this entire socialist infringement on our liberty wherever we find it. We cannot be complaisant–we must root this disease out of all our social institutions. That being the case, I propose we carry this reasoning to its logical conclusion:
1. No government run healthcare surely must include the plague that is Medicare.
2. Obviously Medicaid–noble intentions aside–must also give way if we are to maintain our freedom.
3. The clearest overreach by the government has to be the VA Hospitals which truly represent socialized medicine and not just socialized insurance.
4. If we are truly going to remove the pernicious influence of government then we are also going to have to repeal the mandate that hospitals treat all those that come into their emergency rooms. If those individuals did not feel it important enough to have insurance, then why should doctors or hospitals be required to treat them?
5. Of course, if I don’t want government interfering with my choice, then we must dispense with government run education. Why should my tax dollars go to educate someone else’s child? Why should my parents or grandparents pay for children that aren’t theirs? Also, let’s not forget ending the whole “subsidized” student loan program. If a student doesn’t have enough collateral to get a loan, then why should taxpayers put their money at risk by insuring the student’s loan?
6. Also, we should not forget the anti-competative public library system that provides books, CDs, DVDs and the like for FREE. If people want these products then they should purchase them like everyone else. Why should my tax dollars be used to purchase materials I don’t use.
7. Finally, the drain that is Social Security should be discontinued as well. I know that Social Security keeps 40% of seniors out of poverty, but really, those individuals should have planned better. Besides, I am sure their families or other charities will help them.
 With any luck and more reasoned discourse, we can get everyone on board to protest the death panels, forced abortions, and removal of care for special needs children that would be health care reform. I want to thank the protesters and elected representatives that have opened my eyes to the evil that is government run anything.

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