Lamy – Safari (Extra-Fine Fountain Pen)

After nearly two weeks with my new Lamy Charcoal Gray Safari fountain pen, I’m ready to give it two thumbs up.
As someone who tends to write extremely small (my wife claims illegibly small) I opted for the extra-fine point nib. Compared to other pens that I use the Safari is similar to the Pilot Precise V5 RT, and has a slightly thicker line than the Sigma Micro 01. The pen has a very nice ink flow on Cambridge pads and very little bleed (about as much as you would find with the Pilot or Sigma) on thinner/recycled paper. The nib tends to have a pleasant slightly scratchy feel when you write, but without any skipping. The grip is also very comfortable.
The only downside for some may be the balance of the pen when writing with the cap on the back. I don’t normally write with the cap on the back of any pen so this is not really an issue for me. If you like to write with with the cap on your pens you may not like the top heavy feel of this pen.
The Safari comes in a variety of colors and retails on for about $25. I would also recommend buying the optional converter since since bottled ink tends to be much cheaper than replacement cartridges. 

The example writing and lines in the photo were written on a Cambridge 6×9 notebook.


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