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Myth vs. Fact

I am continually amazed by the number of people that continue to push a demonstrably false narrative about the separation of families at the border and the Obama administration. It is true that under President Obama kids were separated from their parents, but this was not the de facto policy.…

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I Must Be Confused

I guess I must be confused on June 18, 2018 Secretary Kirstjen Nielson tweeted the following: But, if there was no policy of separating families at the border, then why was it necessary for the President to sign an Executive Order reversing the policy —a policy which presumably came about…

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Conversion Therapy – Letter to the Akron Beacon Journal

Pop quiz. What do the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics Pan American Health Organization (the North and South American branch of the World Health Organization), National Association of Social Workers, and former United States Surgeon General David Satcher…

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